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Is this legit?Posted by Rakesh Bhakta on Jul 12, 2017

Just another email on my spam list. Or is it? No, this guy is offering a domain that I am actually intrested in.

Once I got an email from an unknown sender I thought it must be some scam or something. I often heard about various scams on internet like that Nigerian Prince scam. Well, since it was about the domain and the website had a valid SSL certificate I got interested and decided to risk and make an offer on their website.

I had to wait for the auction to end and after that everything went on smoothly. The domain was in my account within 15 minutes from making a payment :) Connecting it to my hosting account was also fast, I simply had to change the name servers and add the domain to cPanel and it was good to go.

Now I got my brand new domain and I hope my website ranking on Google will increase.