Watch your eyes

Your eyes are very important, take care of themPosted by Rakesh Bhakta on Apr 21, 2017

Did you know that more than 90% of people who use computer more than 2 hours a day suffer from various vision problems? Increasing number of people wear glasses today, and good vision is becoming rare.

More than 90% people have trouble with their eyes

Hopefully, that can change. There are simple excercises and practices that can release your strain and even improve your vision.

Rest your eyes

It is very important to rest your eyes, each 15 minutes. Take a look somewhere in the distance, or simply close your eyes for a while. You can also wash your face with cold water a couple of times throughout the day.

You can also stretch your eyes, looking from side to side or moving your eyes in rotating motion. Just make sure you feel natural and relaxed, do not strain.

Improve your vision

There are people who believe that poor vision can be improved, even myopia, while ophthalmologists usually say that it cannot be done. My ophthalmologist said the same thing to me, and after a couple of months she gave me weaker glasses. One year later I got even weaker glasses, improving my vision by 25% in total. I hope I will see completely clear without glasses one day

This is the video that I stumbled upon, the work of Meir Schneider:

I would like to describe some of the exercises in short here, but I feel my eyes are strained now. I will rest my eyes, and finish this part of the article later. You can watch the video, and you can also listen to it while resting your eyes.

There is also a book by Meir Schneider - Yoga for Your Eyes: Natural Vision Improvement Exercises. You can read it if you want to get into more detail with your exercises.

If you want to get completely rid of glasses, it will not be easy. You should do these exercises daily and change your mental attitude (become relaxed and not strain). Or you can do the exercises from time to time, and in years your vision will improve a little. Whatever you do you will feel better, and your eyes will be grateful!